Personalized Anti-Diet Intensive

You've listened to the Podcast.  

You know you need to ditch your diet mentality forever.

But where the hell should YOU start?  

Should you skip breakfast? Eat it?  

Should lunch be bigger or smaller?  

What if you go out for drinks with friends?  

What if you can't stop eating your kids' Goldfish crackers?  

Should you be drinking a glass of wine every night?

 What about your cravings? 

Enter, your Personalized Anti-Diet Intensive

This is for you if: -You know it's time to navigate food differently  

-You've tried every diet under the sun, saw results (maybe) yet somehow felt more confused and more disconnected than ever  

-You're unsure of where to begin

-You just want to be able to keep the cookies and ice cream in your house like a normal person

-You're sick of obsessing over food


This is NOT for you if: -You love feeling bat shit crazy when it comes to food -You love feeling deprived -You seriously think "just try harder" is a legitimate strategy -You seriously think you'll never eat cake ever again -You love pretending like your healthy protein cookie recipe doesn't taste like shit 

So, what does saying "F You" to your diet look like?

Less Stress

I was always so stressed out about food. I was so deprived that I literally could not stop eating food whenever it was in front of me. And it showed! Now? Now I can go to a party, a wedding, a buffet, or on vacation and eat like a normal person- no stress, no bloat!

More Freedom

I hated going to parties and out to eat. I knew there would be food and it would make me cheat on my diet! I knew I would have no self control- so avoiding social situations with food was the best way for me to stay on track with my diets! Not anymore. I can go out whenever, wherever, and make a meal choice that's satisfying, keeps me on track for my goals- and I'm finally able to just live my life!

Less Bingeing

I always thought I just needed to try harder. So, I would be really good for however long and then lose my marbles. I'd eat anything and everything in sight. Then, I'd feel guilty and start all over again on Monday. I did this for years!

More Confidence

While this is not inherently a weight loss pursuit, there is something to be said about the confidence that is created knowing you have true food freedom. Food is no longer the enemy or "the thing" that you have to pit yourself against. And? Our confidence with navigating food absolutely overflows into the confidence we have within our own skin. If you can stop overeating and bingeing on food? Weight loss will occur naturally and effortlessly as you begin to navigate food with confidence and ease.

So, what is it?  

Once you register, you'll be redirected to an intake form. The more thoroughly you can fill this form out, the better! After I recieve and review your form, I will send you a comprehensive email in return that details your areas of improvement, considerations, and actionable steps that you can begin to implement immediately. We will then schedule a 60-minute video call or phone call to tie up any loose ends, answer any final questions, and send you on your way to food freedom! 



I was an overweight, binge-eating, cardio-junkie.  

Everything that I teach to my clients is exactly what I needed when I thought that cardio was the key to my weight problems, and that dieting was the key to my food addiction. Turns out, none of that is true.  

 I teach women how to stop dieting forever, repair their relationship with food and their body image.  

Learning how to eat without being on a diet was the most challenging, yet liberating thing that has ever happened to me.  

And I continue to change lives, just one at a time, each and every day using the methods, tools, and resources that I have created.


  • Is this a weight loss thingy? This is not inherently a weight loss pursuit. I, personally, was able to lose weight once I gave up my food rules. How? Because I stopped bingeing so much, I learned how to listen to my body, and ultimatley learned that the extra weight I was carrying was a direct results of my own self-abuse. You may lose weight after this service, you may not. But I can promise you this: you will feel better than ever and finally be free from your food fight.  
  • What results should I expect ? You will finally begin to feel NORMAL around food. You will be able to navigate any and all social situations with ease. You'll go out to dinner with your husband without any fear or guilt of "screwing up." You'll have a cocktail with girlfriends without planning tomorrow's workout to "burn it off." You'll finally be able to keep any and all foods in your home without hearing them scream your name from the cabinets. You'll be able to walk past the candy jar at work- and take some- or leave it- and feel fabulous either way. Keep in mind that this takes WORK. There is a ton of responsibility on your part as the client. This is not magic by any means! It is, however, completely revolutionary.  
  • I've tried every diet in the past and nothing has worked for me, though. Uh, exactly. Diets don't work. I will teach you exactly how to live your life without ever having to diet again.  
  • Will I get personalized help from you? Yep! This is 100% personalized and also 100% confidential. After your intake form is recieved, you will recieive a personalized, comprehensive email from me, and we will conclude your package with a 60-minute call. After that, your package has ended. You will not continue to recieve personalized coaching after your 60-minute call.  
  • How long does this take, beginning to end? Please allow 5 business days for me to review your intake form and send you your comprehensive email. Upon recepit of your comprehensive email, you have 30 days to schedule and complete your coaching call. Out of respect for my schedule and yours, calls cannot be rescheduled. Once you've committed to your coaching call day and time, you are expected to create the necessary time in your schedule to arrive on time for your call & be fully present and engaged. If your current lifestyle and schedule does not allow for this, now may not be a good time to move forward with this package. Calls will not be scheduled or facilitated outside of the 30-day window. No exceptions. Upon completion of your payment, you are acknowleding and accepting these terms.

So, are you in?