Beat the Binge

A small-group coaching program for women who are ready to quit dieting

October 22-November 18

You've tried every diet under the sun. You're "good" and "on track" for days, weeks, or even months on end.  

Heck, you've even recently recounted how much weight you lost on your last diet... only to follow that statement with "...but I gained it all back."  

 You're now frustrated with your weight gain, or your out-of-control eating episodes, and the only answer you've managed to land on with each bout of sadness, embarassment, or frustration is to diet again.  

Welcome to the dieting cycle from hell.  

Who is this for?

Beat the Binge is for women who are ready to stop obessing over food, stop counting points, calories, or color-coded containers and finally get to just feel normal around food again.  

This is for you if:  

->you feel like you're ALWAYS on a diet ->you're a slave to the scale ->lose control every evening or every weekend  

The problem isn't you. The problem is that diets don't work. 

Left: On a diet Right: Not on a diet

Left: On a diet Right: Not on a diet

Left: On a diet Right: Not on a diet

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Here's what we cover...


The lies of dieting and diet culture & why restricting food is making you binge

+ introduction to the most counter-intuitive way to stop over eating.


Gathering Appropriate Feedback: how to accurately assess if you're eating the right things for YOU.

(Nope, the scale doesn't tell us that. Nope. Neither does the news or social media.)


Moving away from negative emotions associated with eating and food + learning to say the big "F You" to dieting and diet culture. 


Learning how to eat whatever you damn well please (hold the guilt!), enjoying the Holidays, & reclaiming your life so that come January 1st, you're not setting yourself up for another year like this one!

After you complete "Beat the Binge" 

You will be able to:

-> take or leave the bathroom scale- no big deal!  

-> go out to eat with family and friends with zero stress, zero restriction, and zero guilt  

-> keep whatever foods you want in your house, without worrying that you're going to polish it all off  

-> begin to trust your body again, trust its cues and signals, and navigate food confidentlyonce and for all  

-> literally never spend a dime on diets, pills, diet plans, shakes, or whatever else these crazy people are spending boat loads of money on each year all in the name of "dieting"  

This program is NOT for:

-> Women who want to continue dieting -> Women who are hell-bent on categorizing foods as "good" & "bad" -> Women who insist on using the scale as an important metric of feedback -> Women who are not willing to put in the work -> Women who think that this is a quick fix -> Women who want this to be an inherent weight loss program 

Beat The Binge is closed! Want to hop on the waitlist for next time?

About Me

Hi! I'm Christina and I was in your shoes for far too long.  

After years of being stuck inside abusing cardio, restricting food, and consequently being a closet binge-eater, I finally found a better way.

Turns out, the way out of this living diet-hell was extremely counter-intuitive: -eat more to binge less -allow myself every single food I could ever want at any time -forgive myself & love myself -vow to quit dieting forever  

The best part? I don't have to recommit to some BS New Year Resolution to "get my body back" or "get back on track" or vow to "eat clean" all year long because of the Holiday damage.

And guess what? I go on vacation, I eat my mom's leftovers, my grandma's Tamales, and my clients' homemade cookies without ever packing on one-million pounds. THERE, I said it.  

Food brings me so much joy and freedom. No bingeing, no restricting, no extra cardio to repent. 

I've used my experience and my countless hours of study to successfully coach hundreds of women to find a new way to eat: Free of restriction, guilt, shame, and hatred.

I seriously cannot wait to coach you through this!  

We kick off Monday, October 22 and end on Sunday, November 18.  

 There's a better way than the binge-restrict cycle. Ready for it? I'll see you on the inside!