Ready to FINALLY start loving the skin you're in?

Take it from me- the girl who tried to hate herself "skinny" for over a decade. 

My drive to be thin seemingly crept up on me- but my days soon became ruled by the scale. 

Down .2 pounds, good day! 

Up .2 pounds, bad day. 

My worth as a woman worthy of love and acceptance and happiness hinged directly on my weight and my reflection.

I boomeranged between being worthy of more if I weighed less, and the reverse was also true- the more I weighed, the more worthless I became.  

I went on my first diet when I was in 5th grade. The madness didn't end until almost 12 years later, when I finally decided that enough was enough. 

It wasn't until THEN that I was actually able to rid myself of my horrible relationship with food, stop using exercise as a form of abuse and punishment, and heal myself from the inside out. 

But where do these stories come from? And what the hell does confidence have to do with it? 

What does your most confident self look like?

You don't waste time obsessing over your body, your workouts, or your diet- you've got shit to do.

You surround yourself with other positive, strong, and powerful women instead of berating yourself in comparison.

You harbor high level relationships with your significant other, your friends, and even at work.  

You wear your newest and cutest outfit without standing in front of the mirror for hours wondering if you look OK.  

You walk into the gym with your head held high, dumbbells or a barbell in hand, and get to work- it doesn't matter who might be watching, who else is there, or what they may think.  

You feel good, you own it, and you're ready to take on the world.  

Confidence FEELS good (and looks good) on every body. 

What is Body Confidence Bootcamp?

#BCB is an online course designed to give you the exact tools and strategies you need so you can become the most confident & unstoppable version of yourself, starting today!

Who is Body Confidence Bootcamp for?

#BCB is for women who are sick and tired of weighing themselves every morning, wondering if they'll be just one pound lighter in order to feel better.

#BCB is for women who are tired of waiting for "20 more pounds" or "3 more dress sizes" in order to feel like a badass in their own skin.  

This is for women who know that they're worth feeling better right now, as they are, instead of waiting for an external circumstance in order to feel "better."  

This is for women who are ready to feel hot AF, whether they're wearing their PJ's and no makeup, or dressed to the nines for a work function.  

#BCB is for women who are sick of feeling like they have to cover their blemishes in order to feel more beautiful- but rather, would like to wear makeup beause they WANT to, not because they feel like they HAVE to.

 #BCB is for women who know they are worth being more, doing more, and experiencing more.  

Who is #BCB NOT for?

Body Confidence Bootcamp is NOT for women who are looking for a weight loss remedy.  

#BCB is not for women who don't enjoy learning through introspection, journaling, and listening to new ideas and ideologies regarding their previous beliefs.  

#BCB is not for women who aren't ready to begin working on themselves from the inside out.  

#BCB is not for women looking for an immediate fix. This shit takes TIME. But it is worth it. 


  • MODULE 1: Where Does My Body Image Story Come From?
  • MODULE 2: Fat Is Not a Feeling
  • MODULE 3: Social Pressure & Social Media
  • MODULE 4: Exercise and Nutrition as Forms of Self Care
  • MODULE 5: Comparing Yourself to Other Women
  • MODULE 6: Your Body Image ABC's
  • MODULE 7: You Are Not Your Thoughts + Tying It All Together

What's Inside:

  • Over 90-minutes of video content broken up into 7 easy-to-digest modules
  • 7 Printable and follow-along journal prompts to accompany each module

(Price will increase to $37 when released to the general public on Monday, October 9)

Hi! I'm Christina & I'm so happy you're here

I spent the better have of almost 20 years hating myself. My next door neighbor called me fat when I was three years old, and the rest is history.  

I thought I was only worthy of love, self-respect, and a cute outfit if my body was "perfect"- devoid of any fat, rolls, & cellulite.  

Although there was a time in which I *was* overweight and unhealthy, I thought punishing myself with exercise and depriving myself from food I loved was the answer to somehow feel better about myself. The more disgusting I felt, the worse I did- the farther and farther away I was from accepting and loving myself RIGHT now.

I was completely unable to lose weight and get healthy until I learned to love myself FIRST- regardless of what the scale said, what size pants I wore, or how closely my thighs rubbed together while I walked.

While I've studied and submerged myself into the science of human movement and performance for almost 10 years, my sights are now set on one day graduating with a PhD in exercise psychology.

Until then, I'll continue to share my passion and purpose of helping women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities come to realize that confidence is the antidote to many of our issues, show them that being an every day athlete is not reserved for a specific body type, and that you can accomplish a hell of a lot once you tap into your confidence- which happens to be badass AF.